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 <strong>Common Issues with BMW Vehicles</strong>

Common Issues with BMW Vehicles

Transmission problems

When the car is accelerating or at the time of shifting gears, BMW vehicles may trouble you with slipping or grinding.

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors can get clogged up and not deliver gasoline smoothly to the engine. Sometimes, the valves may not open or close properly. In some cases, gasoline may leak as well.

Car going into Limp Mode.

BMW owners have expressed concern that their vehicles go into limp mode at times. Issues with the transmission or malfunctioning sensors provoke warning signs, and eventually, they send the vehicle into limp mode.

Rattling Noises

Excessive vibrations and rattling noises can be produced by the engine, especially at the time of acceleration. The noise may affect the audio system in some cases.

Electrical Problems & Power Loss

The most common electrical problems with BMW cars include battery problems, the inability to turn the key in the ignition, and the dashboard illumination of the steering lock symbol. Users have reported a loss of power in that vehicle as well.

Excessive Oil Consumption

According to various reports, some BMW engines can burn an excessive amount of oil. This problem is most likely to affect BMW 5 Series owners who have V8 engines. However, it depends upon driving conditions as well.

Engine Overheating

The cooling system on some BMW cars doesn’t hold enough coolant. Resultantly, there’s a risk of overheating the engine. Especially with some of the 3 Series cars, the coolant parts need replacement to avert such issues.

Power Steering

BMW automobiles may have certain power steering problems, including a broken power steering pump, heavy steering, loss of power and banging from steering, excessive steering wheel motion, whining, and oil leaks.

Despite these issues with the BMW cars, Engine Trust concludes that it is still one of the most reliable and desired brands in the U.K.


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